7 Online Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business Quickly

Sep 15, 2015 | Online Marketing, Tips and Strategies

Recently, I’ve been following a number of businesses that are growing very quickly.

I want to share with you some online marketing tips and strategies they’re using to grow much faster than their competitors. The best part is that, if done correctly, these strategies don’t take much time or cost a lot of money.

Ready to jump in and learn some often neglected strategies to grow your business? Let’s get started…

1. Your “About Us” Page

Your “About Us” page on your website is often overlooked, but it is the 2nd most important page on your website. When a visitor comes to your site, the first page on which they land will be the homepage – the second is likely your “About Us” page. So why not take some time and effort to craft an amazing experience for your visitors.

I know most of you aren’t comfortable with talking about yourself and your accomplishments, but that’s exactly what your visitors are looking for. They want to get to know you and how you can help them. Remember to be human and try to show some of your personality. Images are always a great addition and help to create an emotional connections with your potential client.

2. Retargeting Pixels

Retargeting pixels are one of the most underused techniques that can propel your business in a short amount of time. A retargeting pixel works by placing a small piece of code on your website that “tags” visitors to your website.

If for some reason they don’t complete a transaction (make a purchase, join your email list, contact you, etc.) you can use this “tag” to gently bring them back to your site. When they leave your site and start browsing other websites, such as Facebook, they’ll start to see ads for your business.

These ads are designed to recapture interest and to bring them back to your website.

3. Email Marketing

Countless studies have shown that email marketing is still the most effective way to connect with your audience. It becomes obvious when you think about how many people now have smartphones and (almost obsessively) check their email throughout the day.

There is, however, a fine line between email marketing and spamming. The best approach to email marketing is to send great content that your subscribers find valuable and are eager to read. By providing value to your readers, you’ll earn their trust. Over time, the trust built can easily be converted into sales.

Using an “email marketing provider” is very important. To comply with anti-spam laws, it’s important that you follow some simple rules and the “email marketing providers” do all the hard work for you. If you’re looking for a good place to start, try MailChimp. We’ve been using them for years!

4. Social Media Engagement

There are a lot of businesses that try to use social media to generate business online. Most of them fail miserably.

The primary reason that we’ve noticed is that all their posts are promotional in nature. To stand out from your competition, try including some posts that are conversational in nature. Consumers have become very good at filtering out sales messages. However, they love to be educated, entertained, and inspired.

If you sell bicycles, try including a post that teaches people how to properly store their bikes for the winter. If you have a restaurant, record a short 30 second video clip of your head chef preparing an exquisite meal.

5. Video

As I mentioned in #4 above, video can be very effective at reaching your audience. While most people know that Google is the #1 search engine, most don’t know that YouTube is #2 – video is huge right now!

Smartphones are very capable of recording high quality video. In addition, it’s extremely easy to upload a video instantly to YouTube. Marketing through video can be as easy as shooting a short Q&A session with the president of your company. When your clients get an inside look into your company, they will feel much more comfortable opening up their wallets to you.

6. Repurposed Content

If you’ve followed the steps above, you probably have some marketing material that is written and some that is in video.

Repurposing your content can be as easy as offering a PDF transcript of the video you shot. If you don’t have time to transcribe the video, you can always hire someone from Fiverr.com – there are hundreds of people waiting to do tasks similar to this for $5.

If you notice that one of your blog posts is getting a lot of attention, try recording an audio version of it and make it available to your visitors. SoundCloud.com makes it extremely easy to upload an audio recording and to embed that recording into your blog.

7. Hire a Professional Copywriter

I intentionally left this for last as hiring a professional copywriter is probably going to be the most expensive strategy, but it will also be extremely effective.

As a business owner, you are expected to be a professional at whatever it is that you do. Unless you’re a professional writer, crafting blog posts is probably not something you look forward to doing. Hiring a professional copywriter will save you hours of frustration and will make sure that your marketing material hits the target when speaking to your clients.

Online marketing doesn’t have to be hard. You now have 7 expert tips to promoting your business online better than ever.

However, if you even focus on one or two of the above (we’d recommend retargeting pixels and video), you should be much further ahead than before.

If you still have some questions, please feel free to SCHEDULE A FREE CALL WITH US – we’d love to help you grow your business online!

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