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Create Amazing Flowcharts on Your Cell Phone

One of the biggest reason small businesses fail is because they don't have systems and processes. Starting and running your home business is now easier than ever. According to our personal experience, taking the time to create systems is critical to the success of...

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How to read 50 books in 1 year (a lifehack)

I read 50 books a year. Seriously! But I should probably rephrase that as "I consume 50 books a year." "Reading" 50 books a year equates to about 1 book per week. "Consuming" 50 books takes the same amount of time, but is a lot easier. How do i do it? Audiobooks. I...

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7 Online Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business Quickly

Recently, I've been following a number of businesses that are growing very quickly. I want to share with you some online marketing tips and strategies they're using to grow much faster than their competitors. The best part is that, if done correctly, these strategies...

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Is Free Wi-Fi Safe?

Understanding WiFi Mobile devices are great; however, their uses are limited without the ability to connect to the Internet. It was less than a decade ago that the primary way to access the Internet was to come home, fire up the dial-up modem, and wait for a...

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5 Signs that Your Company Website Needs an Upgrade

The Internet is exploding in size with over 150,000 new websites being created daily. Some of these websites are for personal use, but the majority are for businesses and other organizations. It is difficult to estimate exactly how many websites exist in total;...

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Read 1700 Newspapers Online For Free

The newspaper industry has been in decline for years. Some newspapers are reducing the number of days they print. Many have halted production of their paper copies in favor of online-only version. While others are closing their doors completely. This is no surprise...

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Become a Gmail Power User – Part 1

Gmail is an amazing email service provided by Google free of charge to personal users. Google also offers a branded version of Gmail for your business at a very reasonable monthly fee. At first glance, the Gmail interface is quite unconventional. Instead of separating...

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How to Choose the Right Backup Strategy

Businesses are adopting technology at an astounding rate. Through cloud computing, it is now even easier to create, share and distribute information. Companies of all sizes are switching from a paper-based process to a purely digital platform. Digital signatures have...

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A Brief Guide to Cloud Computing

What is the Cloud? You've probably heard the term Cloud Computing thrown around in the media lately. Everyone's talking about the merits and marvels of "the cloud." But what exactly is a cloud? Unlike the fluffy white objects floating in the sky, "the cloud" is a...

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