Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets have exploded on the market place. While a large percentage of North Americans own computers at home, the majority of the world still only access the internet from their cellphones. In India for instance, the majority of the population has a cellphone, but relatively few own a personal computer. As a result, the mobile market is growing at an astounding rate.

1 billion smartphones + 3 billion SMS phones
There are more than 1 billion smartphones in the market across the globe. In addition, there are an additional  3 billion phones with SMS (text messaging) capability. Now you may think that SMS is only for sending quick messages to your friends and family; however, in Kenya, the mobile carriers have introduced a payment system called M-Pesa that runs entirely on SMS. In fact, there are already over 14 million subscribers across the country.

Mobile eats desktop in 2014
Since its inception, the majority of users accessed  the internet from their desktop computers. Estimates suggest that as early as 2014, mobile internet usage will surpass desktop usage.

Mobile social media stats
At last count, facebook has 800 million users – 30% of which are mobile subscribers. Twitter has 175 million users – 50% of which are mobile subscribers. And YouTube gets more than 200 million mobile views per day.

Mobile lines blurred
As you can see, mobile is here to stay. Furthermore, in the near future you are going to see the line between mobile and desktop disappear. The Motorola Atrix “superphone” has enough processing power, that when docked to a keyboard and screen, doubles as a laptop. The Asus Transformer Prime is an Android tablet that also comes with an attachable keyboard (with built-in extended battery) that converts it into a laptop. Lastly, the inPulse provides caller ID and SMS all on your wrist watch.

I hope this has helped you expand your view of the role mobile technology is going to play in the marketplace.

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