A Portfolio of Our Work

Below is a small sample of our past work. We hope that some of these websites resonate with you and jump start your creative juices.

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Rising Scholars Preschool Academy

Objective: This is a new website designed to speak to parents of preschool-aged children. The objective of this site was to create a sense of playfulness and trust.

Industry: Child care

E-Commerce: No

Membership Section: No

Mobile: Yes

Style: Playful, fun, fresh

Status: Live

Luxury Auto Services

Objective: To appeal to a luxury market, this website was designed with bold colors and lot of imagery.

Industry: Automotive repair

E-Commerce: No

Membership Section: No

Mobile: Yes

Style: Luxury, fresh, strong

Status: In development

Amedeo Exclusive

Objective: This was a new e-commerce website built with  the purpose of selling more. The design is tailored towards a male audience with impeccable style.

Industry: Menswear

E-Commerce: Yes

Membership Section: Yes

Mobile: Yes

Style: Exclusive, clean, fun

Status: Live

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