A Portfolio of Our Work

Below is a small sample of our past work. We hope that some of these websites resonate with you and jump start your creative juices.

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FAB Designs

Objective: This client has a predominantly south Asian clientele and the website had to be designed with that in mind. We started with designing an amazing logo from them, then built the site to match.

Industry: Weddings, events

E-Commerce: No

Membership Section: No

Mobile: Yes

Style: Cultural, colorful, vibrant

Status: Live

Dr Mawani, Clinical Psychologist

Objective: This client wanted to freshen up and modernize his existing website. We designed the site for a calm and peaceful feel.

Industry: Healthcare

E-Commerce: No

Membership Section: No

Mobile: Yes

Style: Calm

Status: Live

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Objective: This client did not want a typical “lawyer website.” We designed their site to be on primarily a single page with some sub-pages. The colors were chosen to create a calm confidence.

Industry: Legal

E-Commerce: No

Membership Section: Yes

Mobile: Yes

Style: Calm, confident

Status: Live

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