According to Statistics Canada, the average commuter spends almost 1 hour driving to and from work daily; that equates to 250 hours per year, or the equivalent of 31 – 8 hour days each year.

This drive time could be spent listening to music; however, a better use of your time may be to “listen” to your books. That’s right, I did say you could listen to your books. The popularity of audiobooks is increasing and becoming a preferred method to consume information. The average audio book is approximately 10 hours long which means that you could complete 25 books each year without turning a single page. is a website run by Amazon – a company that knows a thing or two about books. While you’d go to Amazon to purchase paper-based books, Audible allows you to subscribe and download audio-based books directly to your computer.

In order to listen to these audiobooks in your car, you would transfer them to your iPod (or other mp3 player) or download them directly to your smartphone through their Andriod/iPhone app. You can bookmark interesting points throughout the book, and even pick up where you left off when you get back into your car for another long drive.

If you’re adventurous, you can listen to even more books by speeding up the narration. I often listen to books at 2x or 3x the regular speed – but don’t worry, the program is smart enough to adjust the pitch so that the narrator doesn’t sound like a chipmunk.

Although Audible is a great site for popular books, you do require a paid subscription. If you’re looking for free audiobooks, is a great resource. The authors usually podcast their books by releasing 1 episode per week. If you prefer to listing the entire book at once, you can chose from a huge selection of completed podcast books.

What are your experiences with audiobooks? Do you prefer good old fashion paper? Share your thoughts with me in the comments.

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